Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Magic Mike Does Upstart Nation 5

"NSW Jewish Board of Deputies president Jeremy Spinak said that this [trip to Israel by NSW premier Mike Baird] will push new economic ties between NSW and Israel, and impact on the image of Israel in Australia. 'People at home are starting to see Israel in its true light, as the 'Start-Up Nation,' he said." (Baird: 'Nothing can prepare you for Yad Vashem', The Australian Jewish News, 8/4/16)

There you have it, straight from the horse's mouth: Baird's trip (costing the NSW taxpayer $?) was undertaken precisely because Israel and its lobbyists are growing alarmed that more and more people here are starting to see Israel in its true, apartheid light.

Baird's rambamming is simply part of the lobby's campaign to re-brand the apartheid state as 'the start-up nation,' and all the accompanying babble about 'innovation,' 'cutting edge research' and other such folderol, is designed to distract us from Israel's ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people. That Baird has been a willing conscript in this campaign speaks volumes about the man, and whatever he or his spin doctors say about the trip, of one thing you can be certain: it was undertaken first and foremost to promote BRAND ISRAEL

I should add, too, that neither the Murdoch nor the Fairfax press has shown the least interest in the astonishing fact that, for the very first time, an Australian state government has gone AWOL for a week merely to star in an Israeli PR stunt.

What an embarrassment!

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Grappler said...

From an economic perspective, improved economic ties with Iran might serve NSW better than with Israel. Whatever Israel is likely to buy from Australia, Iran will buy several times over. Looking at NSW exports on Wikipedia, I cannot see much that a small technologically advanced country of 8M is likely to buy compared to a less developed country of 80M that, as it comes out of sanctions, will be eager to do business with the West.

Read the conclusion of this report:

Also compare this

with this

Seems like we have much greater opportunities with Iran than with Israel.

But what happens when our government tries to improve ties with Iran:

Isn't it time to ask how much our Zionist tendencies are costing economically as well as morally?