Friday, April 22, 2016

IsrAid Points the Way

A heartwarming letter from Diane Armstrong of Vaucluse:

"Jock Keene (Letters, April 19) is hoping that the United States, Great Britain and Israel do their share to help Syrian refugees, so he'll be relieved to know that for months a team of Israeli doctors and nurses - Jewish and Arab - from the Israeli humanitarian organisation IsrAid, have waited on the coast of the Greek island of Lesbos to rescue and care for the thousands of Syrian refugees who reach these shores." (Sydney Morning Herald, 20/4/16)

How wonderful, Diane!

Who could possibly have imagined Israeli Jews and Arabs working together. Thank you so much for drawing our attention to this proven fact.

Now that, at long last, it has been established that Israeli Jews and Arabs can work together, I wonder: is there any need for an exclusively Jewish state, catering only for that rubbery Zionist construct 'the Jewish people'?

Diane, is this not a sign of what is possible?

Surely, IsrAid's fine example of Israeli Jews and Arabs working together points the way to Israeli Jews and indigenous Palestinian Arabs, including those currently under the Israeli boot, and those given the boot by Israeli forces in 1948 and 1967, working together in one, binational state from the Jordan to the Mediterranean.

I mean, if they can work together in IsrAid, why not in a future binational state?

What do you say, Diane? Or are you just trying to score a cheap propaganda point for Israel?

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Grappler said...

I wonder whether Israeli Jews and Arabs were also working together when Israeli hospitals were patching up al Nusra and al Qaeda terrorists and sending them back into Syria to create more refugees.