Friday, April 8, 2016

Just as a Matter of Interest...

Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs: 

The good, the bad & the RAMBAMMED

Chair: Teresa Gambaro MP, Lib RAMBAMMED 2012

Deputy Chair: Nick Champion MP, Lab RAMBAMMED 2011


Bob Baldwin MP, Lib RAMBAMMED 2012
Michael Danby MP, Lab Serially RAMBAMMED
Sean Edwards MP, Lib RAMBAMMED 2015
David Feeney MP, Lab RAMBAMMED 2014
Senator Alex Gallacher, Lab
Alan Griffin MP, Lab
Natasha Griggs MP, Lib
Andrew Hastie MP, Lib
Dennis Jensen MP, Lib RAMBAMMED 2005
Craig Kelly MP, Lib RAMBAMMED 2014
Senator Joe Ludwig Lab RAMBAMMED 2007
Senator Ian Macdonald, Lib
Richard Marles MP, Lab RAMBAMMED 2010
Senator Anne McEwen, Lab
Senator Bridget McKenzie Nat RAMBAMMED 2015
Andrew Nikolic MP, Lib
Senator Deb O'Neill, Lab
Melissa Parke MP, Lab
Senator Linda Reynolds, Lib
Philip Ruddock MP, Lib
Bruce Scott MP, Nat
Senator Lisa Singh, Lab
Sharman Stone MP, Lib
Maria Vamvakinou MP, Lab
Nickolas Varvaris MP, Lib
Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, Greens
Matt Williams MP, Lib

Total: 29


Grappler said...

It's interesting that here in Australia, they keep pretty quiet about their allegiance to the Zionist cause. In the US one is required to publicly swear fealty to the State of Israel to get anywhere in politics - or at least to stand a chance of becoming president. If these issues were given more air in Australia the public would become more suspicious.

Anonymous said...

Grappler is right. Australian politicians of all stripes are aware the sceptical public would quickly identify a U.S style pro Israel tub thumping sales pitch. One hand on the Bible and the other hand on a brown paper bag full of 'donations'.

The public would then speculate as to what is so damn important about what a French diplomat once described as 'a shitty little country'. So they keep it relatively quiet about it.

However the media just can't help themselves, like a band that never stops playing the same old song, oblivious to embarrassment.