Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What Makes Walt Secord Tick

Now we know what makes weird* Walt Secord tick:

" [NSW] Labor's health spokesman Walt Secord, born in Canada with a Mohawk-Ojibway father, told the upper house of their frustration and tears. 'For reasons that we do not understand, our heritage, our blood or narrative is vital to us. What else could explain the boom in genealogy and the success of programs like Who Do You Think You Are?" (Heartfelt plea that helped change sperm donor ID plans, Kirsty Needham, The Sun-Herald, 27/3/16)

It's not that hard, Walt, sheer boredom.

"I for one have traced my father's rare family origin and I know the responsibility of belonging to a race of only 1800 people in the world...'  "

So you discharge that responsibility by migrating to Australia and advocating for the apartheid state? Right...

"'Our genes are the reason for our existence'."

Blood... race...

Hang on. Now where have we heard that before?

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