Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Gutless Wonder

"... Mr Turnbull used a key speech in... Shanghai to... call on the Communist leadership to grant greater freedoms and develop a stronger rule of law... " (PM urges new commitment to rule of law, Mark Kenny/Philip Wen, Sydney Morning Herald, 15/4/16)

What a fearless crusader for human rights is M'Lord Turnbull! Imagine saying that to the Chinese in China!

But would he say the same to the Israelis in Israel? Just imagine:

'Mr Turnbull used a key speech in... Tel Aviv to call on the Zionist leadership to grant greater freedoms to Palestinians and develop a stronger rule of law in the occupied West Bank...'

After all, as a recent Haaretz editorial stated:

"When the prime minister, defense minister, education minister and justice minister are all working against the highest court of the land, it shows Israel is not ruled by law, certainly not when it comes to what happens beyond the Green Line." (Israeli ministers vs the rule of law, 29/7/15)

No, it's impossible to imagine M'Lord Turnbull coming within cooee of such a call.

I'm afraid his Message from the Prime Minister: Passover 2016 is about as close as he'll ever get to the subject:

"The enduring example of the Israelites' deliverance from slavery resonates down through the ages, and with all who seek freedom from oppression." (jwire.com.au)


Grappler said...

There is no archaeological evidence for the "Israelites" ever having been in slavery!


MERC said...

G, good point. I've just added the label 'Ancient Palestine' below for those who wish to read my 29-30/12/14 posts The Exodus Master Narrative 1 & 2.

Mannie De Saxe said...

.........and as I have said before, Shlomo Sand said most of it in "The Invention of the Jewish People" and in "The Invention of the land of Israel".
Says it all, really!
Mannie De Saxe

MERC said...

Agreed. Sand nails this and all the other myths that political Zionism relies on to buttress its false historical narrative. I wish everyone would read both books.

James O'Neill said...

It is not only Israel that the PM spares from his criticism. When did he ever criticise the US for its endless wars and destruction of multiple societies? Or Turkey that is fast becoming a dictatorship, but whom we will no doubt laud for their bravery on 25 April. Or Saudi Arabia that is currently committing major war crimes (with US, UK and Israeli help) against Yemen?
Selective principles applied to self-interest are the order of the day.

MERC said...

As former PM Bob Hawke put it recently:

"Politicians, by and large, are not the bravest of creatures... their first concern is saving their seat and they don't want to do anything that's going to lose them votes." (It's 'absurd': Hawke blasts lack of will to legalise euthanasia, Michael Koziol, SMH, 15/4/16)

Ditto for lobby donations.