Friday, April 15, 2016

Who is the 'Guardian' Guarding? 2

Two snippets from The dark side of Guardian comments, The Guardian, 12/4/16.

1) "We also found that some subjects attracted more abusive or disruptive comments than others. Conversations about crosswords, cricket, horse racing and jazz were respectful; discussions about the Israel/Palestine conflict were not..."

Well, well, well, what a surprise!

Hey, Guardian, maybe, just maybe, Israel's treatment of the Palestinians is just not cricket. Think about it...

2) "The Guardian has already taken the decision to cut down the number of places where comments are open on stories relating to a few particularly contentious subjects, such as migration and race."

We know, we know. But you left out Israel. Why?


Anonymous said...

Because Israelis are not a race.

MERC said...

No, but that's not the point. The point is that the Guardian has elevated it to the level of one of those "few particularly contentious subjects, such as migration and race." Was the fact of SA apartheid ever "contentious"?

Grappler said...

But Anonymous, Israel is the self-proclaimed "State of the Jewish People" - that is of all Jewish people whether or not they live there or have any intention of doing so. Indeed that was part of the latest Zionist trick to prevent any success in the peace talks - "Palestinians refuse to recognise the existence of Israel as the Jewish State " It, unfortunately, is not the self-proclaimed state of all Israelis, especially not those who were driven out at its inception or their descendants. Whether or not Jews are a race (or a religious group, or an cultural group) is a matter for discussion - one that seems to generate a lot of it - discussion I mean. Zionists seem to shift on that according to whether it suits their arguments at the time.

Anonymous said...

ItMedia bias towards Zionism, particularly in the English speaking world, is not a new phenomenon. Outrageous double standards are routine.

Apartheid supporters and assorted racists are described as 'hard right' compared to the media description of Zionists and their supporters as 'moderate'. It is hard to imagine a more radical, murderous, destructive and criminal political philosophy than Zionism.

The preface to the book Palestine Picture, the first hand account of British policeman Douglas Duff published in 1936, speaks directly, inter alia, to the issue of media bias:

'The press of Great Britain, AS A WHOLE, has espoused the Zionist cause : comparatively little has been written or said in public on behalf of the Arabs'. Sir Arnold Wilson, K.C.I.E., C.S.I., D.S.O., C.M.G., M.P.