Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Guardian Takes the Piss

From the Guardian's Candidates spar over Israel and fate of Palestinians in Democratic debate:

"The Democratic debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton on Thursday night was electrified by a series of feisty exchanges, but one especially pugnacious discussion stood out as a potentially historic moment in presidential politics: the candidates' dispute over Israel and the fate of Palestinians. Close observers of New York politics and the place within it of the city's prominent Jewish population were astonished that Sanders spoke openly and directly about the plight of Palestinians in Gaza while criticizing Israel and its prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, for responding disproportionately to Hamas provocations. Never before had such an outspoken pro-Palestinian message been delivered from the presidential campaign stage. During the debate, Sanders... allud[ed] to his heritage by saying that 'he spent many months of my life when I was a kid in Israel.' He was careful to describe himself as '100% pro-Israel." (Ed Pilkington, 16/4/16)

Surely, Ed Pilkington, chief reporter for Guardian US, is taking the piss here.

I mean, the 100% pro-Israel Sanders' characterisation of Israel's genocidal frenzy in Gaza as merely disproportionate AND the result of Hamas provocations... is an outspoken pro-Palestinian message?


And then this: the stolen, ethnically-cleansed land of Palestine is the Brooklyn-born (of Polish parents) Sanders' heritage?


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Anonymous said...

The parameters of approved free speech, agreed to by the Zionists and their media supporters, are like quagmire of shifting quick sand, always more restrictive and suffocating.

Let's just shout it from the rooftops...FREE PALESTINE.