Tuesday, January 24, 2017

An Israeli Plot to Take Over the UK

The complete failure of the British government to respond to Al Jazeera's brilliant exposure of Israeli embassy operative Shai Masot, plotting to "take down" one of its ministers, reminds me of an episode in Lewis Gilbert's classic 1980 British play, Educating Rita.

Remember when Rita's academic supervisor, Dr Frank Bryant, is officially reprimanded for being drunk while giving a lecture, and she asks him if the university is going to sack him? "Good God no," Frank replies,"That would involve making a decision. Pissed is all right. To get the sack, it would have be rape on a grand scale. And not just with the students, either. That would only amount to a slight misdemeanour. No, for dismissal, it would have to be nothing less than buggering the Bursar."

For Dr Bryant, think Israeli ambassador to the UK, Mark Regev. He has just been informed by an aide that one of his senior diplomats, Shai Masot, has been caught on video, plotting to take down a British cabinet minister:
Regev: Sod them, eh Rachel! Sod them!
Aide: Will they expel you, Ambassador?
Regev: Good God no. That would involve making a decision. Plotting to take down a minister is all right. To get expelled, it would have to be rape on a grand scale. And not just with cabinet ministers, either. That would only amount to a slight misdemeanour. No, for expulsion it would have to be nothing less than buggering the Prime Minister.

And even then...

Comedy aside, on those rare occasions when Israeli infiltration, manipulation, and corruption of the political processes of Western nations is exposed, it is perhaps less the fact of the subversion that shocks (for that, as anyone with an in-depth knowledge of the Zionist project in Palestine knows, is the nature of the beast) as the supine, look-away, nothing-to-see-here attitude of Western political and media elites.

The following analysis by Mohammed Javed, Where is the outcry over Israel's 'Trojan Horse' in Britain?, examines the meaning and ramifications of the Masot affair, and addresses the question of what should be done about it:

"Put yourself in the shoes of a country, economically rich, culturally diverse, and relatively stable in terms of government. Now imagine that a senior diplomat of a foreign country conspired with like-minded individuals to interfere in your affairs and influence who runs your government. Along with that, imagine that same diplomat admitted he helped set up political groups in order to garner support for his own country, with links and funding coming from that same country.

"Well, imagine no longer, because that is exactly what happened when senior Israeli diplomat, Shai Masot, was captured on video conspiring to 'take down' certain UK government ministers such as Sir Alan Duncan, who has spoken out against Israeli policy and sympathised with the plight of the Palestinians. Recorded by an undercover journalist from Al Jazeera's Investigative Unit, it also captured the moment Masot admitted he helped set up pro-Israel political groups embedded within the major parties.

"What would be the logical reaction to such blatant foreign intervention and subtle infiltration? A full-on investigation? A furious purging of the national parties from such influences? Or at least a show of outrage for dramatic effect? Actually, none of that has been done. There have been no extensive discussions and debates on national radio stations such as LBC as would have happened even if the pound falls by a penny, and there was no front-page coverage on any national television station or media outlet apart from a few mentions on the morning after it was exposed. Most importantly, there has been no investigation launched into the issue.

"Let us now compare this to the 'Trojan Horse' scandal which erupted a few years ago in 2014, when there was a frenzy of debate, public fear and drama in the UK officialdom about Muslims apparently taking over the education system and implementing conservative Salafi views on innocent schoolchildren. Based on a whiff of a few leaked letters, all of which could have been fabricated, investigations were launched, arrests were made and the monstrous Prevent programme was fuelled.

"Now, however, definitive evidence has been released of Israeli diplomats plotting to to take down MPs and ministers of this country who do not conform with Israel's policies, as well as confirmation that it was the Israel embassy itself that created and funded Israeli lobby groups to influence the politics of major UK political parties. An invasion of Britain's democratic political body is taking place and has been exposed, yet no investigation is being launched and the government 'considers the matter closed.' Prime Minister Theresa May has herself quickly shut down calls for the matter to be investigated, and the speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, does not 'think it will be helpful to dwell on the matter.'

"This is not, however, the only case of aggressive Israeli lobbying and interference in British politics, but is in fact proving to be more than a simple coincidence as more recordings are being revealed to the public. Maria Strizzolo, former aide to MP Robert Halfon and the woman who was seen conspiring with Masot in the London restaurant that evening, boasted of influencing Halfon to voice statements in Parliament in support of Israel while she was working under him.

"Another revelation of Israeli infiltration released shortly after that was that of the National Union of Students (NUS) and the attempted ousting of Malia Bouattia, its first non-white and Muslim president, who is also a vocal supporter of Palestinian rights and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement - all attributes needed to land on Israel's hit list. The vice president of the NUS, Richard Brooks, held secret meetings with pro-Israeli parliamentary officers such as Michael Rubin and directors of the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) to overthrow the recently elected president and impose their own figure along with their views, especially the banning of the BDS movement within the Union.

"All of these revelations prove one thing overall: the gradual and deliberate takeover of of the UK by a secret Israeli cabal. A network of individuals in high social and political positions who share the same dangerous psychotic views in support of the continued occupation and oppression of Palestine and its people, along with its other countless objectives for the Middle East, which go far beyond that. This silent revolution obtains its funds directly from Tel Aviv itself, and benefits neither Britain's interests nor the interests of world peace in general. It makes one wonder what has befallen the government, the media, and the people of Britain to make them so apathetic in the face of this invasion.

"The country's solution and road to recovery would need to be one both diplomatic and practical, and would consist firstly of conducting a full, thorough and honest investigation into the Israeli infiltration of the British government. If necessary, there should be arrests, forced resignations or at least demotions of all those found guilty. The next step would be to purge all the UK's political parties - particularly the ruling Conservatives and the divided Labour - of all harmful influence from the Israeli lobby. This would include installing measures and frequently monitoring groups such as Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) and Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) to ensure that such forces do not again corrupt British politics.

"This is not 'anti-Semitism', but rather a matter of national security. The government and the British people pursued the wrong enemy in the pointless drama of Operation Trojan Horse. There is no Islamic plot to take over the UK, but there is an Israeli one." (middleeastmonitor.com, 21/1/17)


James O'Neill said...

Interesting that there has been almost no coverage of this affair in the Australian msm.

MERC said...

Too busy self-censoring, hosting pro-Israel propaganda, and rushing off on Israeli propaganda junkets.

Anonymous said...

Google News search for "Shai Masot" restricted to Australia reveals not a single article. What a disgrace to the profession.