Tuesday, January 3, 2017

One Hit Wonders

In 1977, a spectre was haunting Straya - the spectre of PALESTINIAN TERRORISM. In those dark days only one and a half men understood the gravity of the threat of PALESTINIAN TERRORISM to Straya's way of life. And they knew just what to do - cut off its funding:

"When Tony Abbott and I were involved in the Australian Union of Students, this was a very extreme organisation. It sent money compulsorily collected from students to support the Palestine Liberation Organisation which was then engaged in acts of murderous terrorism... In 1977, Abbott and I drove down from Sydney to Melbourne to attend an AUS conference at Monash University... No doubt the silliest thing we did at the conference was to attend a Palestinian film night. Because AUS was spending our money, we wanted to assert... our right to be there. So we heckled the film a bit. Although we were outnumbered... the film was stopped and we were told we had to leave, We were making the point that we shouldn't have to leave because the evening was being funded by our compulsorily collected student union dues. One woman from the far Left came up behind Abbott, took off her wooden clog and whacked him over the back of the head..." (See my 13/9/12 post Greg & Tony Do Monash 1)

And 40 years later, nothing has changed!

Not only is the spectre of PALESTINIAN TERRORISM still haunting Straya, but  only Tony Abbott (and greg sheridan) still understand the gravity of the threat of PALESTINIAN TERRORISM to Straya's way of life. And they still know just what to do - cut off its funding:

"Former prime minister Tony Abbott has called for Australia to cut its $40 million-a-year aid budget to the Palestinian Authority while 'it keeps paying pensions to terrorists and their families'." (Abbott urges cut in $40m aid to Palestinians, Greg Sheridan, The Australian, 2/1/16)


Grappler said...

I'm sure you know, MERC, but for your readers there is a great article today by Tom Suarez at MW about Zionist terrorism in the formation of the state of Israel. By Abbott's logic we should stop supporting that entity - and that would really be a good idea.


Grappler said...

Off topic but surely of interest to Australians given our shameful history of treatment of Aboriginals:


Grappler said...

Again slightly off-topic, MERC. I've only just been catching up with Julie Bishop's statement that Australia would not have supported the UNSC resolution on Israel/Palestine. This is really amazing! NZ was one of the countries that put the resolution, UK supported it, and US abstained but Australia, apparently, would have voted against? Now it's official: Australia is the most Zionist country in the Western World!

I've been reading Finkelstein's comments over at MW:
and noted this:

'“Reaffirms that the establishment by Israel of settlements in the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, has no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law.”

'By using that language they’re calling it a war crime. If they had just said violation under international law, that doesn’t necessarily constitute a war crime. To constitute a war crime, it has to be characterized as either a serious or a flagrant violation of international law.'

In other words Julie Bishop is saying that Australia condones a war crime. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Abbott, the dog-whistler of bigotry and division also shamelessly proclaims our multiculturalism bonds us with the cause of freedom, modern Israel...