Saturday, January 14, 2017

Israel Up to its Neck in Syria

But you'll never read about it in the Australian press:

1) "Forces of the Syrian army in the southeastern governorate of al-Suweida seized Israeli-made weapons that were designated for ISIS, Syrian media reported on Wednesday. According to the reports, Syrian Army forces, in cooperation with local residents on the western outskirts of al-Suweida, confiscated... a vehicle that was coming from the Daraa eastern suburbs, on its way to ISIS forces in the eastern Syrian desert. The vehicle was carrying Israeli-made mines with Hebrew writing on them, as well as mortars, RPG rockets and hand grenades. It was not immediately clear how the Israeli weapons got into the hands of those arming ISIS..." (Syrian army reportedly seizes Israeli-made weapons on their way to ISIS, Maayan Groisman, Jerusalem Post, 28/4/16)

2) "Members of the Syrian opposition will make a rare public appearance in Israel next week at the invitation of the Truman Institute at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem... The Truman Institute declined to provide the names of those who will appear... Opposition figure Issam Zeitoun visited Israel 7 months ago to participate in the Herzliya Conference... In an interview... Zeitoun defended himself against criticism of his visit, saying 'I work with a group of academics and experts in strategic research centers, Americans and Jews, whom I found to be friends to the Syrian people... Next week's event can be expected to be used by the Assad regime to discredit the opposition, which has been depicted in official Syrian media discourse... as being instruments of Israel and US machinations to dismember Syria." (Syrian opposition figures to make rare public appearance in Israel, Ben Lynfield, Jerusalem Post, 9/1/16)

3) "Syrian army command said on Friday that Israeli artillery fired rockets at a major military airbase outside Damascus, and warned Israel of repercussions for what it called a 'flagrant' attack... In November, the Syrian army said Israeli jets fired two missiles on an area west of the capital, close to the Damascus-Beirut highway, in an attack mounted from Lebanese airspace." (Syrian army says Israel fires rockets at airbase near Damascus, Suleiman al-Khalidi, Reuters, 13/1/17)

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