Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Centre-Left Delusions

Note the Zionist chameleon in this gathering:

"As a wave of left- and right-wing populism sweeps the US, Europe, Asia and Australia, the Labor Party will convene a meeting of high-level operatives in Sydney from today to chart a future for the Centre Left around the world. Senior figures from a dozen parties and think tanks in the US, Britain, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Israel, Argentina, Denmark, Sweden and New Zealand will share ideas on policy, campaigning and political strategy. The three-day International Progressive Campaign Forum, jointly organised by Labor and the Progressive Alliance umbrella group, is the only event of its kind in the world and will bring together like-minded social-democratic, labour and progressive parties and think tanks. Labor's assistant national secretary Sebastian Zwalf said the Centre Left must find a way to connect with communities that are vulnerable to the appeals of fringe parties on the Left and the Right at a time of economic and social upheaval'." (Parties meet to combat populism, Troy Bramston, The Australian, 23/1/17)

I guess if these social-democratic parties really believe that free market capitalism can be civilised, they can also believe that the Zionist, Jews-only, settler-colonial 'Labor' Party of David Ben-Gurion, which led the military offensive to ethnically cleanse Palestine of most of its non-Jewish majority in 1948, and went on to lay the groundwork for an apartheid Jewish state in Arab Palestine, is just another social-democratic party in good standing.



Grappler said...

Ut is worth looking over some of the tweets of Sebastian Zwalf.

Here are a few of his tweets/retweets:

Julian Assange: grub, show-pony, hypocrite and supporter of anti-Semites.

SodaStream in #Israel targeted by #BDS first employed Palestinians, now offer jobs to Syrian refugees. Apartheid!

Will patients suffer if med scientists & pharmacists boycott Israel biotech?

MERC said...

By their tweets ye shall know them.