Thursday, January 5, 2017

One Nation Declares War on New Zealand

Just look at the RWNJs (Right Wing Netanyahu Jobs) standing by their man:

Trump: "Stay strong Israel, January 20th is fast approaching!"
Bishop: "The Coalition government has consistently not supported one-sided resolutions targeting Israel."
Turnbull: "A two-state solution is not assisted by one-sided resolutions made at... the United Nations."
UK PM Theresa May: "The settlements are far from being the only problem in this conflict. In particular, the people of Israel deserve to live free from the threat of terrorism, with which they have had to cope for too long."

Now this, FFS:

"One Nation has picked a fight with one of Australia's closest allies, calling for tighter immigration controls for those across the ditch, after New Zealand co-sponsored a United Nation's resolution censuring Israel. Queensland senator Malcolm Roberts said he was 'appalled' by the Security Council resolution, which called for an end to any and all settlement activities in disputed [sic] zones, including East Jerusalem, which he said 'have contained Jewish settlements since biblical times'." ('Appalled' One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts seeks punitive stance against Kiwi 'settlements' in Australia, Amy Remeikis, Sydney Morning Herald, 4/1/17)

No comment on the matter, of course, is complete without a touch of the Light Horse Brigade:

"2017 marks the centenary of the ANZAC's brave actions to free the Palestinian territory - now Israel - from Ottoman oppression of Christians, Jews and other groups. It would never have been possible for those brave ANZACs, charging as part of the Light Horse Brigade, to have ever thought that events 100 years later would go full circle and future generations would betray the very people they were about to liberate."

Of course, Malcolm's grasp of history is as shaky as his grasp of climate science.

The only betrayal worth mentioning in this context is the betrayal by Britain of its Arab allies, the Arab nationalist forces of the Sharif of Mecca, who had been promised independence in most of the Arab Near East (including Palestine) by Britain's High Commissioner in Egypt, Sir Henry McMahon, in 1915, only to have had that promise broken twice. First, when the British concluded a colonial carve-up of the region with France (the Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916), and second when the British promised the European Zionist movement a "national home for the Jewish people" in Palestine (the Balfour Declaration of 1917).

So, instead of a united Arab kingdom, the Arab Levant was torn in two, with the French imposing themselves in Lebanon/Syria, and the British in Iraq/Transjordan and Palestine.

While the other component parts of this cosy Anglo-French arrangement eventually became independent states, Palestine was unfortunately singled out for special treatment by the Britz. The majority Arab population of Palestine was deliberately denied representative government and independence by Britain so that the Zionist colons it had introduced, in ever larger numbers, could proliferate to the point where they were able to drive the Arabs out, block their return, and establish an ethnocratic, sectarian, Jewish supremacist state on their lands.

If that be 'liberation'...

"Israel is a Jewish state, and it's the only Middle Eastern democracy where Christians, Muslims, atheists and Jews can all be elected to the same parliament. Israel is Jewish and democratic, unlike most Islamic countries."

Just a minute. Only when all of those Palestinian Muslims and Christians currently under Israeli military occupation or in exile can vote in the said parliament, will we have democracy between the River and the Sea.

"At the very least, we should look at further cutting benefits for New Zealanders living in Australia.  Perhaps a tougher immigration policy aimed towards NZ would stop Kiwis from establishing settlements in Australia."


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Grappler said...

"we should look at further cutting benefits for New Zealanders living in Australia. Perhaps a tougher immigration policy aimed towards NZ would stop Kiwis from establishing settlements in Australia."

You know, MERC, one apparently universal trait of these Ziostralians is their ignorance of what is actually going on. In the last year, more people have moved from Australia to NZ than in the other direction!

And I think that NZ is more interested in rich Chinese immigrants than Australians.