Monday, January 30, 2017

Nobody Does It Better

Nobody does hypocrisy better than the Israelis.

The next time you hear Zionist propaganda about Israeli doctors patching up wounded Syrians at Israel's Ziv Medical Center,* or Israel planning to take in - temporarily, of course - 100 Syrian orphans,** remember brave young Ahmad Hassan Shubeir:

"A 17-year-old Palestinian died last week after Israeli authorities refused to allow him to leave the besieged Gaza Strip to undergo treatment for a congenital heart defect, the Gaza-based al-Mezan Center for Human Rights said in a report on Sunday. Israeli authorities had denied Ahmad Hassan Shubeir from Gaza City permission to cross into Israel to receive life-saving medical treatment from a hospital after the teen 'refused to serve as a collaborator for the Israeli authorities, a coercive measure regularly employed on Palestinian patients in need of permits,' according to the center... " (Report: Palestinian teen dies in Gaza after Israel denies him access to hospital,, 24/1/17)

[*See my 12/12/14 post A Side of Israel the World Too Rarely Acknowledges; **Report: Israel okays historic plan to absorb child refugees from Syria war,, 26/1/17]

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Anonymous said...

The 'wounded Syrians' are usually wounded Syrian fighters from Al Nusra, serving the purposes of the Bandit State. As for the 100 Syrian orphans - that's child abuse. Collaborators in the making.