Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Funding the Campaign to 'Take Down' Jeremy Corbyn

George Galloway's analysis (on his FB page) of the just unmasked machinations of Israeli embassy operative Shai Masot is worth a listen in its entirety. Here, for example, is what he has to say about how they intersect with the recent Zionist smear campaign to 'take down' UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn:

"Jeremy Corbyn and I have marched together for more than 30 years in support of the Palestinian people. Since the day and hour that Corbyn was elected, indeed when it became clear he was likely to be elected, the Israel lobby has gone absolutely bananas. They persecuted Jeremy Corbyn every step of the way to the leadership, and as soon as he had won it they began trying to have him overthrown. They confected an entirely false anti-Semitism scare inside the Labour Party, painting their own party as a nest of racists when, of course, the truth was that there was nothing to such allegations whatsoever. The only thing that most Labour Party members have in common with Jeremy Corbyn on this is their support for justice for the Palestinian people, and their opposition to the crimes of the state of Israel.

"Well, there was a Labour MP at the lunch. Her name is Joan Ryan. She's the MP for Enfield, though you wouldn't know it. In fact, she's more properly described as the MP for Tel Aviv. She's the chair of the so-called Labour Friends of Israel, and she was there for a very important purpose. And the same Israeli official [Shai Masot], in charge of political relations with the British political parties, gave her some very good news, and in the... Al Jazeera footage you can see the breadth of the smile on her face. As well it might, because the official told her that he had secured more than 1 million pounds as a slush fund for Labour MPs to come to the aid of the state of Israel.

"It's being dressed up as more than 1 million pounds to fly members of the Labour Party to Israel for 'fact-finding missions'. but that's entirely bogus. First of all, most of them have already been on not one, but several fact-finding missions to Israel. Second, you can fly to Israel for well under a thousand pounds. And let's say half of the Labour MPs have taken the shekel - that doesn't even cost you a hundred thousand pounds. What was the other 900,000 pounds for? I'll tell you, it was for a slush fund to destabilise Jeremy Corbyn, to try and overthrow him as the leader of the Labour Party. It was for a political slush fund operated by a Labour MP on behalf of a foreign power - not just any foreign power, but one which is the biggest international lawbreaker on earth, one which has just been unanimously condemned by the entire UN Security Council for its criminal activities against the Palestinian people.

"What kind of Labour MP is not only in bed with a state like that, but is receiving covertly (because you would never have heard of the existence of this slush fund) more than 1 million pounds? Taking this money from a foreign embassy official to lobby for that foreign country when that foreign country stands in public opprobrium amongst almost all Labour Party members, most people in Britain, and most countries in the world?" (Treason & Plot: The Israeli Scandal)

There appears to be a news blackout on this scandal in Australia (Fairfax, Murdoch, ABC). Two comments on the thread which follows Galloway's analysis indicate that this is also the case in Denmark and Germany. I imagine the US ms media is following suit.


Mannie De Saxe said...

Yes! The New York Crimes, which doesn't know there are several million people called Palestinians, never mentions anything like this and I don't believe that WaPo or Washington Post does any better, particularly under its recently acquired ownership.

Mannie De Saxe said...

This is in today's CounterPunch:

Anonymous said...

There has been no mention of this scandal in the New Zealand media. The UNSC vote and its aftermath has been all over the NZ press for weeks, in both articles and letters. The Dominion Post had a cartoon - McCully v Goliath, which would have made Glen Le Lievre blush. Normally, there is much greater press freedom on matters concerning Palestine in NZ. Curious that the UK scandal has not been featured as the Israel Lobby and its grubby influence is so topical.