Sunday, January 8, 2017

First the US, Now the UN

Not content with turning the US Congress into a cheer squad for its criminality...

"On Thursday, the Republican-controlled US House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a bipartisan resolution rebuking the United Nations for criticizing Israeli settlements and declaring unwavering support for Israel. The non-binding resolution insists that the United States reject any future UN actions that are similarly 'one-sided and anti-Israel." (Israel to cut $6m from UN dues in protest over settlements resolution, AP at the UN, The Guardian, 7/1/17)

... Israel now has its sights on the United Nations:

"Israel's UN mission said it would move forward on additional initiatives 'aimed at encouraging structural change within the UN with the ultimate goal of ending anti-Israel activities' after Donald Trump becomes US president on 20 January." (ibid)

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