Monday, March 28, 2011

The Counter-Revolution Firms

First the bad news, then the good, from The Angry Arab:

"I will write about how this nasty counter-revolution began. I believe that Saudi Arabia (with tacit Israeli support) decided to abort and hijack the Arab uprisings. This happened right after the fall of Mubarak when relations between Saudi Arabia and the US deteriorated due to Saudi displeasure with US behaviour (as if the US hadn't done all it could to save Mubarak!). But then the US came on board and the two are partners once again. Yesterday, I heard a most bizarre 'report' on Aljazeera: it said that a US/EU delegation is in Yemen to bring about a 'peaceful' transition to power. In Yemen, for potato's sake, where the US has been instrumental in the construction of a military-intelligence regime there. The close relationship between Prince Saud Faysal and the Egyptian Defense Minister Tantawi is the other element in this sinister plot. The US and Saudi Arabia (with Israel in the background) will basically try to guarantee that the emerging regimes are as bad as, if not worse, than the previous ones. Witness them try to bring Rif'at al-Asad [Syrian President Bashar al-Asad's uncle] and 'Abdul-Halim Khaddam [head of a so-called 'government in exile'], along with other reactionary elements from the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood to power in Syria. The opposition's task right now is to oppose all regimes and their Saudi puppet replacements. The good news is this: no matter what arrangements the plotters put in place, the people are no longer afraid and the old tight security controls will be a thing of the past." (The Saudi-US counter-revolution (with Aljazeera on board,, 27/3/11)

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