Saturday, March 26, 2011

Israel's Man in the Australian Senate

"A resolution moved by Liberal Senator [Mitch] Fifield condemning Marrickville [Council's] decision to implement a boycott was just passed in the Federal Senate. The Greens were the only ones who opposed it." (Fear & loathing in Marrickville - BDS in Australia, Sabawi & Karkar,, 25/3/11)

Mitch - again!

In 2009, Mitch was in the Middle East's "Beacon of Hope & Liberty" on a Yachad Scholarship to study "the role of women in the Israeli military." (See my 11/7/09 post Hot on Gillard's High Heels)

In October last year, he was making moan in the Senate over the fate of an Israeli soldier captured by the Palestinian resistance whilst taking part in one of Israel's periodic killing sprees in the Gaza Ghetto. (See my 10/10/10 post A Productive Parliament)

In December last, Mitch again popped up in the Middle East's "Beacon of Hope & Liberty," performing with the Kevin Rudd Road Show. "It will be my fourth visit to Israel," he said in an adjournment speech (17/11/10) prior to departure. ( See my posts The Kevin Rudd Road Show 1-5, December 2010)

On March 22, this year Mitch fumed in a media release that: "The Leader of the Government in the Senate, Senator Chris Evans, has today refused to condemn Marrickville Council's boycott of Israel... This is part of a campaign to delegitimise Israel."

On the following day, a Mitch media emission revealed that: "The Senate has today supported a motion by Senator Mitch Fifield denouncing Marrickville Council's boycott of Israel. The motion acknowledged Israel as legitimate, democratic and a good friend of Australia."

Mitch obviously has more go than the Energizer Bunny - at least when it comes to those things that really matter to this country.

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Anonymous said...

If you walk on Station St, Newtown, your eyes are caught by a sprayed wall: the free speech corner! There an can-artist painted a "No burka" grafitto. Media howling, threats of burning the studio (it is a studio), police pleading to remove the paint. Eventually it happened. Instead a new grafitto appeared and stayed for weeks: Stop Fiona Byrne! The Can-greene! Clearly an example of freedom of speech!!