Saturday, March 5, 2011

Many a Truth Told in Jest

Heard on US television's satirical The Colbert Report, this exchange between Stephen Colbert, host & court jester, and Michael Oren, Israel's ambassador to the US:

SC: Now, before we go, I just want to say I repudiate what Helen [Thomas] said. She's a friend, but I repudiate everything she said. Go back to Poland. Go back to Germany. That's ridiculous. Israel is for Israelis. If anything, the Palestinians should go back to where they came from. (laughter/applause)

MO: I think...

SC: Do you agree? Do you agree, sir?

MO: I do not agree...

SC: It's time to get them back to wherever that was.

MO: Alas, I don't agree. I think there's room for both of us to share this homeland... (Formidable Opponent, 9/6/10)

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Gaston said...

Colbert's humour goes where the sophisticated analysts do not. Brilliant.