Friday, March 18, 2011

What a Mensch!

Politicians say the darndest things:

"I've never done anything with the Jewish community for votes because my own constituency has very few members of the Jewish community', the [outgoing state Labor] Member for Riverstone [John Aquilina] said [at the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies monthly plenum]. 'I do it out of sincerity for people who have carried the world on their shoulders for more than 5,000 years'. He added he felt the Jewish community led the way for the rest of the world." (Community thanks long-time friends, The Australian Jewish News, 18/3/11)

Of course, such priceless insights don't come cheap:

"MP John Aquilina will receive an annual payout of about AUS$170,224." (MPs leave with pots of gold, Aston & Wood, Sydney Morning Herald, 31/10/10)

But I think we can all agree John and his colleagues are worth every cent.

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