Sunday, March 27, 2011


The shit dished out to Palestinians never ceases to appal:

"The United Nations has launched a new plan to teach the Holocaust in Gaza schools,drawing fierce condemnation from Gaza's militant Hamas rulers, school teachers - and even the body tasked with peace negotiations with Israel... The uproar erupted after a UN official told a Jordanian daily in February that UNRWA, the main UN agency serving Palestinian refugees, would introduce a short case study about the Holocaust to Gaza students as part of its human rights curriculum." (Hamas protests UN plans to teach Gazans about the Holocaust, The Associated Press, Haaretz, 22/3/11)

Think about this one:

Here we have the world's supposed international peacekeeping body, still largely a White Man's club in 1947, cynically manipulated at the time by the Truman administration at the urging of Zionist lobbyists* to provide a legal cover for the dismemberment and conquest of Palestine by fanatical colonist bands bent on the establishment of an exclusively Jewish state, a goal which led inexorably to the ethnic cleansing of most of Arab Palestine in 1948 and the dispersal of its indigenous population into refugee camps in surrounding areas, including the Gaza Strip.

And the best the UN could do for these refugees, who only ever wanted to exercise their inalienable right of return to their homes and lands, is pass over 60-year's worth of General Assembly resolutions affirming that right, but to no avail. And this hopelessly emasculated organisation, mere putty in the hands of Israel's US bitch, which shamelessly uses its veto in the Security Council whenever Israel and its US lobby give the thumbs down, now proposes to tell the sniped at, shell-shocked children of the Gaza Ghetto that they have to study the Holocaust, an entirely European matter for which neither they nor their parents were in any way responsible, but which is shamelessly exploited by Israel and its agents overseas as a licence to keep them as brutalised, stateless refugees while the rest of the world turns a blind eye.

As the incomparable Norman Finkelstein put it so succinctly: Goebbels to teach Jews in Warsaw Ghetto history of German persecution by Mongols.

[* See my 25/6/09 post Now Honestly...]


Anonymous said...

It was a joke going like this: "Q:What is the peak of chutzpah? A: To shit on somebody's doormat and to ring and ask for toilet paper".

MERC said...

I'm afraid the Israelis take this literally. Here's the latest example: "The [Israeli] soldiers reportedly destroyed property, stole money, defecated on the floors of homes..." (46% of Jewish Israelis support settler 'price tag' terror, Congress blames palestinians for incitement,, 22/3/11)

For a bit of a history of Israeli defecatory practices in the occupied territories, see my posts That Shitty Little Country (6/2/09) and That Shitty Little Country 2 (24/3/09)

Anonymous said...

I actually got the joke from a Jew. He was delighting in the second part.