Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Myth Is Born 3

Colorful Labor identity, Graham (Whatever It Takes) Richardson, pronounces that the NSW Greens are so extreme they're practically an al-Qaida affiliate!:

"One thing they [the mob] worked out were the Greens. They were shoo-ins to win two lower house seats: Marrickville and Balmain. In the former, deputy premier Carmel Tebbutt ran a brilliant campaign... She was fortunate to have an opponent who could only be described as being on the very fringe of Australian society. Someone very easy to attack for being way too far out of the mainstream... The problem is that in NSW the [Greens] lurch further and further to the loony left in places and not even Brown can sell that." (NSW Labor has lost its base, & the plot, The Australian, 30/3/11)

Funny that. I wonder why, then, the Greens' 'fringe-dwelling' Fiona Byrne managed to pick up 48.3% of the after preferences* count in Marrickville. [*As of 30/3/11 with 83.5% of the vote counted.]

Does this mean that almost half the Marrickville electorate are loony lefties? And what's a loony leftie in Richo's book anyway? He doesn't say so, but might it not have something to do with the NSW Green's support for BDS? Well, if that was the decider in Marrickville, how come the virulently anti-BDS Liberal/Zionist candidate (as opposed to the merely opportunistically anti-BDS Tebbutt) picked up only 18.8% of the primary vote?

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Anonymous said...

Labor ran a clever ploy in Marrickville in the last few days of the election campaign- play on the fears of the significant Chinese community with a fear and scare campaign that the Green candidate may boycott China over Tibet! Try not buying a Chinese made product for a month.

How ironic that a few days later the UBER ZIONIST Labor M.P. MICHAEL DANBY is at again over that same China v Tibet issue that seems to engage and fascinate endless "humanitarians" as a convenient cover.

Kevin Rudd was co-opted into the Marrickville campaign to scare the Chinese in Mandarin. Now his Zionist comrade Danby can let him swing in the breeze,again. Has Kevin Rudd put those ugly meetings at The Lodge with Danby and the rest of the Lobby, that resulted in his removal out of his mind?

And the overall Green vote went up after such a huge swing in the other direction. So much for the media and Labor scare campaign.

Will the media notice?