Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pigs Will Fly

"The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kevin Rudd, who has been touring the region, stepped up his calls yesterday for the no-fly zone [against Gaddafi's air force] to be imposed with UN approval." (Gillard keen for closer military ties with the US, Phillip Coorey, Sydney Morning Herald, 9/3/11)

Yeah right, Kev, but fair shake of the sauce bottle, maaate - howzabout a no-fly zone over Lebanon first:

"The Lebanese army has said that an Israeli reconnaissance plane has breached the country's airspace in violation of a United Nations Security Council resolution... Israeli warplanes violate the Lebanese airspace almost on a daily basis. The Hezbollah resistance movement in the Lebanese government, along with the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), has repeatedly called on Israel to halt its surveillance flights over Lebanon. The move is seen as a violation of UNSC resolution 1701 that called on Israel to respect Lebanon's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and hence ended Israel's 33-day war against Lebanon in 2006. The 33-day offensive destroyed much of Lebanon's major infrastructure and killed more than 1,200 people, mainly civilians. According to evidence-based statistics submitted to the UN by the Lebanese government in 2009, Israel has breached the provisions of the resolution on more than 7,000 occasions by violating Lebanon's airspace, territorial waters, and border. Lebanese President Michel Sleiman has also submitted an official complaint to the UNSC over Israeli espionage activities inside his country. (Israeli drone violates Lebanon airspace,, 7/3/11)

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