Friday, March 4, 2011

Zionist Chutzpah Hits the Hustings 2

From The Australian Jewish News of March 4:

"Thanks to the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, the major parties have outlined their positions on the issues that matter to Jews at the NSW election 2011":

Q: Would you support a substantive unit of study as part of the core high school curriculum addressing race hate and genocide?

Kristina Keneally, Labor: "The NSW Government has successfully argued for the study of the Holocaust to be included as a compulsory part of the new national history curriculum... Until the new curriculum is in place, students will continue to have the opportunity to learn about the Holocaust under the existing NSW syllabus."

Barry O'Farrell, Liberal-National Coalition: "We support enhancements to the NSW high school curriculum that further improve students' education on the principle of the persecution of minorities, with the Holocaust being a key example that demonstrates racial hatred and genocide... A NSW Liberals and Nationals government looks forward to working with the Jewish Board of Deputies to investigate ways we can appropriately teach our children about these historic events so they can understand the fragility of society."

David Shoebridge, The Greens (Upper House): "An understanding of the history of genocide is central to recognising danger signs such as growth in racial hatred and vilification, demagoguery, and ethnic and religious divisions. The Greens recognise the Holocaust as a key example of genocide. We would seek to work with educational experts to develop mechanisms to ensure that high school students understand the horrors of the Holocaust and other acts of genocide and and that they are aware of the causes and consequences."

Q: Other states have bilateral agreements with Israel in a range of areas, would you consider implementing a bilateral trade relationship between NSW and Israel?

KK: "Negotiations between Industry and Investment NSW and the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce are underway with a deal set to be struck by the middle of the year. Labor strongly supports a bilateral agreement with Israel of the type outlined."

We can't wait to go to bed with Israel!

BO: "The NSW Liberals and Nationals believe in sending a clear message globally that NSW is open for business in order to become the leading economy and financial capital in our region. We understand the importance of an opportunity of building international relationships... A NSW Liberal and National government looks forward to working with Israel to achieve this plan."

We'll go to bed with anyone, including Israel.

DS: "The Greens NSW have recently given their support to the global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign, the purpose of which is to encourage the State of Israel to comply with international law in regard to the human rights of the Palestinians under their jurisdiction. We understand that this would preclude entering into a bilateral trade relationship at this time."


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