Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Business as Usual at the ALP

In Occupied Palestine, from 1 October - 30 November:

102 Palestinians were killed by Israelis
17 Israelis were killed by Palestinians

11, 299 Palestinians were injured by Israelis
169 Israelis were injured by Palestinians

Meanwhile, far away in the land down under, as one occupied, colonised and brutalised Palestinian after another bites the dust, the great Australian Labor Party is busy implementing number 17 of  'Labor's Enduring Values' (as listed in its 'National Platform'), namely:

"We look at the world differently to our opponents: we see it through the eyes of those without privilege, power or title."

For example:

"Deputy Labor leader and shadow foreign affairs spokeswoman Tanya Plibersek has unequivocally distanced the party from [Bob Carr's] unhinged views. Senator Glenn Sterle is in Israel right now, and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten would have been if not for unforeseen circumstances delaying his trip. Labor stalwart Peter Beattie launched another state branch of the Australia-Israel Labor Dialogue in Brisbane last month, while Western Australian Labor will debate a motion condemning Palestinian knife attacks next week. Meanwhile, high-profile Labor senator Penny Wong reaffirmed her and her party's support for Israel at the Executive Council of Australian Jewry's recent AGM." (Editorial: Carr crosses the line, Australian Jewish News, 11/12/15)

I note that "NSW Labor will harness an army of community activists to try to defeat the Coalition government at next year's federal election and will appoint 10 field directors throughout the state to implement an Obama-style 'organising to win' campaign... The strategy is being led by Kaila Murnain, NSW Labor's assistant general-secretary..." (ALP's 'Obama-style' activist army, Troy Bramston, The Australian, 23/11/15)

Kaila Murnain was rambammed in December 2014 - see my 4/1/15 post Recently Rambammed.

Should she or any of her minions come knocking on your door you might want to ask her/them if they know what Labor's 17th 'enduring value' is and whether they think it's compatible with "an all-expenses paid trip"** to the apartheid state.

[*UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA);** The AJN quotes the "unhinged" Bob Carr as saying that "All of them [politicians] are being seduced and bribed... A bloke was just elected... and the lobby was in his door offering him an all-expenses paid trip to Israel, it's disgraceful." (Carr slammed over Jerusalem remarks, 11/12/15)]

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Robert Birch said...

Yeah, Merc, disgusting stuff. But then, money and power are sooooo seductive.