Monday, December 21, 2015

The Mendes Zionist

In a recent column on 'radicalisation', Phillip Adams ventured the following quite unremarkable observation:

"More recently, countless young Australian Jews have headed to Israel and joined the IDF to fight Palestinians. Seems our increasingly worried, watchful spooks have no probs with this. The process of 'radicalisation', of signing up for distant conflicts, may involve religious and/or ideological fervour for Zionists and ISIS recruits." (Easy targets, The Weekend Australian Magazine, 28/11/15)

And yet, as predictably as the sun rising in the east, it provoked some of our good friends, such as Peter Wertheim of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry and Danny Lamm of the Zionist Federation of Australia, to rap the old codger severely across the knuckles in the pages of the Australian.

But my all-time fave Zionist rapid/rabid response was that of good old Philip Mendes of Kew, Vic:

"So, Phillip Adams seriously compares all Australian Jews who go on aliyah and join the Israeli army with Australians who join ISIS. Yes, Phillip - all those young men and women who spent years at left-wing Zionist youth groups learning about socialism, secularism and the brotherhood of man are identical to nutty, brainwashed religious extremists going off to slaughter and rape men, women and children." (The Weekend Australian, 19/12/15)

Interesting how the Mendes' faction of Ziozombie manages to combine in one and the same psyche "the brotherhood of man" with the notion that, although he/she was born and bred in Kew, Palestine belongs to him/her, and woe betide any Palestinian who gets in the fucking way, mate.

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