Sunday, December 6, 2015

Nothing Here to See

It never ceases to amaze me that while we can read all about this or that pollywaffle's junket to here, there and everywhere (the latest being Cory Bernardi's fishing trips to Port Lincoln) in the Australian ms press, far more consequential junkets by PMs and Opposition Leaders to Jewish State in the Levant (JSIL) are seldom if ever mentioned.

For news of those you have to go to the Australian Jewish News:

"For the first time since becoming Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull met with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday. The two leaders were in Paris for COP21, the world conference on climate change. It's understood that at the meeting on the sidelines of the conference, the pair discussed the threat of ISIS, the situation in Syria and the conflict between Islamic extremists and the West, with Netanyahu also inviting Turnbull to Israel for an official visit. However, the Liberal leader may be pipped to the post on that front. The AJN can reveal that Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is heading to Israel next week. In his message to the community for Chanukah, Shorten said he was looking forward to being in the country during the festival, and that he was also 'looking forward to some fresh sufganiyot.'" (When Malcolm met Bibi, 4/12/15)

The Australian ms media are not in the least interested in Australia's vital role as one of the apartheid state's few remaining UN fig leaves. Now why is that?

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Vacy said...

Why is that? hmmmm.. perhaps something to do with the zionist yoke around the government/media. Thank goodness there are dissident bloggers like MERC who respect the TRUTH.