Saturday, December 19, 2015

Memo to Dr Sabri Saidam

"Dr Saidam said the group repeatedly asked questions about Palestinians naming schools and venues after people who had killed Israeli civilians. I said that one man's hero is another man's terrorist." (Delegation to West Bank led by Christopher Pyne 'not well educated', local minister says, Sophie McNeill,, 17/12/15)

Memo to Dr Saidam:

'One man's hero is another man's terrorist' is way too subtle for most Australian politicians on the Rambam, OK?

Next time some cocksure, know-nothing, Zionist dupes like this show up and hit you with this particular Zionist talking point, simply hand them the following - far from complete - list of Israeli terrorist commemoration sites, quizz the buggers on the glorious careers of those commemorated, and sit back in amazement at the 'Jeez, I dunnos':

David Ben-Gurion Airport
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Ben-Gurion planned and oversaw the ethnic cleansing of 1 million Palestinians and the destruction of hundreds of Palestinian villages from 1948 to 1949.

Menachem Begin Heritage Centre, Jerusalem
Menachem Begin St, Tel Aviv

Begin commanded the murderous Irgun terrorists who massacred Palestinians (and Britons) in the 30s and 40s. Einstein referred to him as a "fascist."

Ariel Sharon Park, Tel Aviv

Sharon was responsible for the massacres of Qibya (1953) and Sabra & Shatila (1982).

Moshe Dayan Boulevard, Occupied East Jerusalem/ Rishon LeZion/ Ashdod
Rishon LeZion Moshe Dayan Railway Station; Moshe Dayan Interchange

Dayan was involved in the Qibya (1953) and Rafah (1956) massacres, and was the architect, as Defence [sic] Minister, of Israel's 1967 East Jerusalem, West Bank, Gaza Strip, Sinai and Golan Heights land grabs and subsequent colonization thereof.

The Yitzhak Rabin Center, Tel Aviv

Rabin was responsible for the ethnic cleansing of Lydda in 1948 and the 'break their bones' policy during the first intifada (1987-93).

The following comment by the indefatigable Vacy Vlazna on Guardian Australia's website, posted in response to Australian delegation asked 'rude' questions during 'explosive' West Bank meeting (Daniel Hurst, 16/12/15), could also be of use in creating cognitive dissonance in those bogans who insist on banging on about the matter:

"The bloody hide of a bunch of Liberals who flout international law, torture and detain innocent asylum seekers on offshore Guantanamos, quizzing the Palestinians for naming schools and venues after terrorists! What the ?????

"How about Macquarie University, Macquarie Park, Macquarie Bank etc, etc: Governor Lachlan Macquarie was a terrorist, not a freedom fighter like Palestinians defending their land and people: 'Governor Macquarie's response to the growing troubles was to set strict rules by proclamation as to how which Aborigines could interact with the colonial settlers. The Governor also launched 3 military excursions to punish the Aborigines. The soldiers were given directions that all Aborigines met with from Sydney onwards were to be made prisoners of war and that if they resisted they were to be shot and their bodies hung from trees in the most conspicuous places near where they fell, so as to strike terror into the hearts of the surviving natives. Many aboriginal women and children who had not been associated with any hostilities were killed.'

"Don't get me started on Governors Phillip, King, Stirling, Bourke, Gipps and so on."



Kosta said...

Meir Kahane Memorial Park

MERC said...

Lest we forget!

Anonymous said...

The British government complained about the Israel government commemorating the Zionist terrorists responsible for blowing up the King David Hotel, to no avail.

The Zionist Stern Gang terrorists responsible for the cold blooded murder of Lord Moyne [1944] were "accorded full military honours in Israel. Eliahu Hakim and Eliahu Bet-Zuri had been executed in Cairo in 1945. After lying in state in the Hall of Heroism, their bodies were buried in a section of Israel's military cemetery reserved for heroes and martyrs with the President, the Prime Minister and the Minister for Religious Affairs in attendance".

The Gun and the Olive Branch, David Hirst 2nd edition.

Australian and other politicians are regularly required to attend this venue to pay homage to these terrorists.

Contrast this with the fuss over any Japanese leader who visits the shrine to Japan's war dead.

Vacy said...

The three stooges didn't grasp the irony- being rude to the PA is in effect being rude to the zionists as the PA is a zionist police proxy and wouldn't have a clue about Palestinian martyrs.. except they were the ones that slipped through PA intelligence sharing. The PA emulate zionist 'heroes'.