Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Innovate or Perish!

The new Zionist mantra of those who would have us leap into bed with apartheid Israel NOW, is 'Innovate or Perish!'

Well, actually, it's not that new, just another annoying variation on the old Zionist BS about 'making the desert bloom.'

Inevitably, Murdoch's Australian is the mantra's megaphone, and the voice blowing into belongs to the Australian's telecoms and technology reporter Mitchell Bingemann, winner, we are informed, of "the inaugural Australian Computer Society Excellence in IT Journalism award." (Bingemann leads the IT crowd, The Australian, 2/12/15)

The star of the show, of course, is Israel our Assistant Minister for Innovation Wyatt Roy, recently returned from a rambamming in the Upstart Nation. (See my 29/10/15 post Looking for Inspiration in All the Wrong Places.)

Here are the opening lines of Bingemann's post-rambam follow-up:  
"Government officials, high-profile investors and major technology companies are urging closer ties with Israel to emulate the nation's successful track record of fostering technological innovation and creating world-class start-ups. Seek co-founder Paul Basset, who leads the James Packer-backed venture capital firm Square Peg Capital said Australia needed to follow Israel's lead in creating a sustainable ecosystem for start-ups, saying it would be the lifeblood of the nation's future economic growth... [Mr Bassat said] 'The reality is that in every city in the world people are trying to do what Israelis have achieved over the past 20-30 years. So we have to make significant steps forward just to stand still, and I don't think we should underestimate the enormity of the size of the task if we really want to build an innovative country over the next 30 years.'" (Leaders urge closer ties with innovative Israel, 25/11/15)

Oh dear, will we ever catch up?! Why am I reminded of American journalist Lincoln Steffens' praise of Stalin's Russia: "I have seen the future, and it works."

Roy pops up, of course:

"Mr Roy said the government was... working on the final details of additional deals with Israel, including an R&D co-operation agreement and a double taxation treaty that would be revealed soon."

And Telstra too! 

"Telstra... is preparing to invest people, resources and capital in Israel..."

And Ziva Eger [Eager Beaver?], chief executive of the Division for Foreign Investments and Industrial Co-operation at the Israeli Ministry of Economy, who:

"... encouraged a closer trade relationship between Israel and Australia saying the latter imports more than $US700m a year of goods from Israel but only exports about $US240m to the Middle Eastern nation."

I wonder what our Ziovotes in the UN earn us (apart from sniggers)?

And how's this more recent Ziospin from Bingemann:

"It's conventional wisdom that in the bars and diners of Los Angeles every second waiter is an actor-in-waiting - but head to a cafe in Israel and you're more likely to to be served by the next Mark Zukerberg than Mark Wahlberg. That's because the small nation state - forged from adversity, fiercely territorial, and surrounded on all sides by enemies - has established itself as one of the world's most successful technology hubs where kids dream of being engineers and computer scientists rather than movie stars and fashion icons." (Israel's young dazzled by start-up stardom, 28/11/15)

Forged from adversity: Too right! Stealing someone else's country is hard yakka, mate! Now I know it's innovation you're after, but really, you can't go past the Old Testament. After all, you try getting rid of an unwanted Arab majority to make way for a Jewish majority without a whole lot of smoting hip and thigh going on.

Fiercely territorial: Never come between a Zionist and a piece of Palestine. Don't even think about it!

Enemies on all sides: A bit dated this one. I would've thought, what with peace treaties concluded with Jordan and Egypt, and Israel's mates in the Nusrah Front keeping Asad busy, life's pretty much a bed of roses. I mean, if a country way off to the east (Iran), which doesn't have nukes, is the most you've got to worry about...

Stay tuned for more inspiring news of Mitchell, Wyatt, 'Innovate or Perish!' and the Upstart Nation we just can't live without as it comes to hand.

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