Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas, Judeo-Christians

(And yes, that includes you too, Geraldine D.)

Benzi Gopstein has a message for you:

"Benzi Gopstein, leader of the extremist anti-assimilationist group Lehava, has called for the prevention of Christmas celebrations in Israel and the expulsion of Christians whom he compared to 'vampires.' 'Christmas has no place in the Holy land,' Gopstein wrote in an article posted a few days ago on the Haredi website Kooker... Gopstein wrote in the article that he is disturbed by 'the fall of the line of defense of the Jewish people against our deadly enemy for hundreds of years... the Christian Church.' He said the Church had used 'the maximum tools at its disposal to destroy the Jewish people,' and that today 'the Church has been defeated roundly when the Jewish people has one of the strongest armies in the world and they have no chance any longer of destroying our body.' However, Gopstein said, the Church has not given up. 'A last hope remains to those vampires and blood suckers - the mission. If Jews cannot be killed, they can still be converted'." (Jewish extremists' leader: Christians are 'blood-sucking vampires' who should be expelled from Israel, Sharon Pulwer, Haaretz, 22/12/15)

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Robert Birch said...

oh, I love it! And is it true that there is a Haredi website called the "Kooker"? It just keeps getting better and better.