Sunday, December 27, 2015

Propaganda 101 by The New York Times

A rejigging of the Angry Arab's piece Just look how the New York Times (with a byline by a token Arab reporter) characterizes the murder of Palestinians (26/12/15):

"Palestinians using knives, guns and vehicles have killed 19 Israelis, an American and a Palestinian resident of the West Bank over the past 3 months. More than 130 Palestinians have been killed during the same period, about two-thirds of them in carrying out, or attempting to carry out, attacks. Others were killed during violent clashes with Israeli forces in East Jerusalem and the West Bank and demonstrations along the Gaza border."

Notice how:

- We know that Palestinians "killed" 19 Israelis. But we don't know who killed 130 Palestinians, only that they "have been killed."

- Israeli victims always precede Palestinian 'victims'.

- Palestinians are always killed for a reason. They were all "using knives, guns and vehicles" in "carrying out, or attempting to carry out, attacks." Regarding those Palestinians "attempting to carry out attacks," all the 'evidence' comes, of course, from Israeli sources.

- We have no idea why Palestinians are killing Israelis because the word 'occupied' is missing in action.

 - Those Palestinians who weren't killed for "carrying out, or attempting to carry out, attacks," were killed "during violent clashes... and demonstrations... " Presumably, whether they were throwing stones at the trigger-happy thugs of the Occupying Power, or engaged in "demonstrations along the Gaza border" (in which case the demonstrating Palestinians are situated behind a fence), they were all criminals and deserved to die, throwing stones at, and demonstrating against, the trigger-happy thugs of the Occupying Power being hanging offences in the apartheid state.

- Those 19 Israelis are presumably, one and all, as pure as the driven snow.

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New York Times a “Propaganda Megaphone” for War, Says Former Reporter.