Friday, December 18, 2015

Pyne & Bishop Do Ramallah

Oh dear:

"A Palestinian minister has accused an Australian-led political delegation of asking rude questions during a meeting in the West Bank. The Australian industry minister Christopher Pyne, the former parliamentary speaker, Bronwyn Bishop, and Human Rights Commissioner, Tim Wilson, were among Australian and British delegates to attend the meeting in Ramallah on Sunday. 

"The Palestinian education minister, Sabri Saidam, told the ABC the meeting was 'very explosive and very challenging.' He said the group had asked 'rude and blunt' questions and Pyne had raised 'a list of complaints.' The group visited Israel as part of the Australia-Israel-United Kingdom Leadership Dialogue. Saidam suggested the delegation had 'wrong impressions accumulated after the visit to Israel.' 'The delegation had false information and twisted facts,' he told the ABC. 'It was clear the delegation was not well educated.'"  (Australian delegation asked 'rude' questions during 'explosive' West Bank meeting, Daniel Hurst,, 16/12/15)

Frankly, I blame the Palestinian Authority here.

As in, what did they expect?

Face it, what are we dealing with here?  

A mob of obnoxious and revolting Australian politicians who think the sun shines out of Israel's arse, on an Israeli-sponsored freebie to Israel, primed with Israeli talking points, stuffed with Israeli tucker, and only in Ramallah so that they can claim they 'talked to both sides.'

Saidam said the group had asked "rude and blunt questions."

Well, hello? You are dealing with Poodles Pyne, Chopper Bishop and Freedom Boy here.

He said Pyne "had a list of complaints."

Well, hello? Autographed by Benjamin Netanyahu himself.

He said, the delegation had "wrong impressions accumulated after the visit to Israel," and "false information and twisted facts."

Well, hello? Only after their visit to Israel? They've been reading the Murdoch press, like, for centuries, mate!

He said, "It was clear the delegation was not well educated."

Well, hello? What did Poodles Pyne have in his back pocket? Senor & Singer's Start-Up Nation.*

I mean, if you're going to let this lot into your office, you deserve what you get, right?

End of story.

[*"Despite another year of political upheaval, it is encouraging that many of our politicians still found time to reach for a book... Releasing his 'inner revolutionary', Industry Minister Christopher Pyne devoured Start-Up Nation by Dan Senor and Saul Singer..." (The next pages in the lives of our pollies: What our representatives will be reading over the Christmas break, Troy Bramston, The Australian, 14/12/15) On this vile little propaganda tome, see my 23/4/10 post Creative Destruction.]


Anonymous said...

I can almost imagine Poodles Pyne throwing a hissy fit to impress his Zionist handlers. Only in an Arab nation could decency and good manners to his hosts be jettisoned. Palestine in particular. What a disgrace.

I heard on the radio something about a conference on terrorism taking place on the West Bank. Considering the West Bank is illegally occupied I assumed the conference would be under the auspices of the occupier. Perhaps the Poodles and the Helicopter Bronnie were, well, helicoptered in. Couldn't have them drive through all those checkpoints and walls. They might get the correct impression-sheer horror and misery for the occupied.

The occupiers, at their talkathon, will be keen to conflate "terror" with the legitimate resistance of the occupied--- fully legal and NOT TERRORISM under the Geneva Conventions.

If the, so called, best and brightest representatives Australia can throw up for these occasions can't or won't get this simple proposition it is time for Australia to renounce the conventions altogether. Our leaders are just not bright enough to understand the duties and obligations entailed. They blame the victim and applaud the bully.

Oh and by the way Poodles, the occupied also have the right to "take the fight to the territory of the occupier". This is not terrorism either, bet your handlers didn't tell you that.

Anonymous said...

Poodles Pyne would have expected the Palestinians to act as their own oppressors to facilitate the continuing indefinite occupation.

Grappler said...

I saw this on the ABC. Apparently they complained about the Palestinians naming schools after terrorists. Have they never heard of Menachim Begin?

Anonymous said...

I believe Christopher put in some serious study before his trip. Another re-run of his favourite movie, Exodus and the Sam Spiegel production of Lawrence of Arabia.

Could he actually see himself,unconsciously, fitting in the role? [with apologies to Wikipedia]

"When Pyne scouts the enemy held city of Deraa (Ramallah) with Bronnie he is taken to the Bey, stripped, ogled and prodded....Is severely flogged and possibly raped".

Well Bill Clinton said that he "would die in a ditch for Israel" and we have the US Congress "doing the donkey for Israel" It would be the least,in his wildest imagination, Christopher could do?

Anonymous said...

Does reading the Bible to Wyatt Roy before bedtime count as serious study?