Friday, December 4, 2015

Politicians Behaving Badly

1) "On Sunday, Resources & Energy Minister [Josh] Frydenberg questioned Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohamed's sincerity in his response to the Paris attacks, saying he had 'failed in his leadership.'... Dr Mohamed came under fire for issuing a statement of condolence that cited 'causative factors' of terrorism including 'duplicitous foreign policies and military intervention'... Mr Frydenberg's comments were endorsed by new Liberal MP and former SAS officer Andrew Hastie... as well as MP and former army officer Andrew Nikolic." (Attacks on Grand Mufti the 'work of Hansonites', David Wroe, Sydney Morning Herald, 30/11/15)

Is there anything more revolting than the spectacle of an Australian Zionist politician (who has never, to my knowledge, raised his voice in criticism of any aspect of Israeli behaviour at any point in his life) accusing anyone, let alone an Arab, of a lack of leadership?

2) "The Australian government approved Adani's controversial $16bn Carmichael coalmine in Queensland because it was not a 'neo-colonialist' power that tried to tell poor countries what to do, environment minister Greg Hunt has told a side event at the Paris climate summit. Hunt... was challenged by a questioner about why the government had approved the Adani mine given the huge quantity of emissions its coal would create. 'This is not an Australian government project, it is a private sector firm from India and... I thought we were over [the] neocolonial moment where the wealthy decide what happens to the poor,' Hunt countrered." (Australia approved coalmine because it isn't a 'neo-colonialist' power, Greg Hunt claims, Leonore Taylor,, 2/12/15)

Is there anything more grotesque than a neo-liberal politician belonging to a neo-liberal government led by a filthy rich white man who lives in a $50m pad at Point Piper invoking anti-colonialism as an excuse to allow a filthy rich brown man (Gautam Adani: net worth - 6.5bn) to rip up the Queensland coast?

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Anonymous said...

I responded to this article about Frydenberg's accusation, making much the same point as you. Very politely. Fairfax chose not to publish it.