Saturday, December 26, 2015

Seriously Weird Shit in Murdoch's Australian

Beyond its usual fear & smear, the Australian has carried some seriously weird shit this month. For instance, this 'opinion' piece by Peter Baldwin, billed as "a minister in the Hawke and Keating governments." Extract:

"Recently Bob Carr made a short speech at an event marking the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People... Extraordinary stuff, coming from one of the founders of Labor Friends of Israel 40 years ago... [not even] a scintilla of balance. All the violence is put down to Israeli villainy. The Palestinians... are treated as helpless victims, devoid of agency or moral responsibility. The Palestinian narrative is embraced wholesale, without qualification..." (Bob Carr has joined the hard-left Israel-bashers, 22/12/15)

Now what interests me here is not Baldwin's railing against Bob Carr. Bob has simply evolved on this issue. Woken up. Seen the error of his ways, partially at least. An all too rare phenomenon in a politician, but one to be applauded. Think Amazing Grace.

No, what really interests me is the phenomenon of Peter Baldwin. As in, What has possessed him to leave behind a long and comfy retirement and come out swinging for Israel in the Murdoch press? (See for example my 3/4/15 post Baldwin's Balderdash.)

Now I must confess to knowing nothing about this bloke's background. Maybe he's like Greg Sheridan. Maybe his mind simply shut down after an Auntie Poppy figure whispered in his ear at a tender age that he must never forget that the Jews are God's chosen people (See my 3/8/15 post Greg Sheridan: The Making of a Gentile Zionist).

If not, then why has he suddenly taken up the cudgels? Extraordinary stuff, indeed.

Then there's this other weird shit too. I mean, how does one explain the sudden possession, in the same week, of letter writers John Bell of Heidelberg Heights, Vic, and Peter R.Tredenick of Paddington, Qld by that most virulent strain of Jerusalem Syndrome  - Temple Mount Syndrome?


"Palestinian sympathiser Bob Carr ignores an inconvenient fact when he claims Israel is guilty of eliminating the Arab character from the great Arab city of Jerusalem... The Temple Mount, the sacred site that is central to the Jewish religion, is located in Jerusalem and came into existence hundreds of years before the birth of Christ." (Bell, 5/12/15)

"If Muslims weren't invading every country they could, and had not taken Jerusalem by force for themselves, then rubbed salt in the wound by building the Dome of the Rock on top of the site of former holy Jewish temples, there would have been no need for the Crusades in the first place..." (Tredenick, 9/11/15)

Like I said, seriously weird shit, eh?


Anonymous said...

Beyond belief.

vacy said...

Baldwin is not retired- he is cofounder of Debategraph which has high profile rightwing warmongering users..see below One-time Social Security Minister Peter Baldwin co-founded Debategraph, a social enterprise that has developed “a debate visualisation tool” that aims “to increase the transparency and rigour of political debate around the world”. Debategraph’s mission is “to make the best ideas and arguments on all sides of any contentious public issue freely available to all and continuously open to challenge and improvement by all”. It has been taken up by the White House, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Amanpour* on CNN and the Independent newspaper.

*Amanpour. is a global affairs interview television program hosted by Christiane AmanpourChristian Amanpour strongly advocated for US military intervention in Syria Being married to James Rubin, the former State Department press secretary in charge of justifying U.S. intervention during Bill Clinton's Balkan adventure, might be one source (Rubin recently served as an informal advisor to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was also in favor of intervening in Syria).

As for Bell and Tredenick- there is not a scerrik of proof of a Jewish temple despite the extensive, and I mean massive excavations by the zionists under Haram alSharif..these excavations are open to the public which also holds the model of the 3rd temple designed and ready to replace Al Aqsa.

MERC said...

Thanks for that digging, Vacy. "A debate visualisation tool"? FFS! So an ex-parliamentary seatwarmer on a polly's fat pension, who knows nothing whatever about this issue (or probably any other), is peddling "the best ideas and arguments" on it. At one and the same time the mind boggles and the flabber is gasted!