Thursday, December 17, 2015


Quoting the pro-war Hilary [Benn, UK shadow foreign secretary] and the pro-war Hillary [Clinton] approvingly, Labor's pro-war shadow foreign minister Tanya Plibersek flaunts her hypocrisy and ignorance on the subject of Syria in Tanya Plibersek: Australia deserves a seat at the table in Syria negotiations,, 15/12/15: 

"As President Assad has proved to be incapable or even unwilling to protect Syrian civilians..."

Never a mention of Prime Minister Netanyahu who just can't wait to maul and maim Palestinian civilians...

"... and as the border between Syria and Iraq is now virtually non-existent, there is also a strong argument that the international community has a responsibility to prevent attacks being launched from Syria. The United Nations Security Council has labelled Daesh an 'unprecedented' threat to international peace and security, with Resolution 2249 calling on member states to 'take all necessary measures... to eradicate the safe haven [the terrorist groups have] established in Syria and Iraq.'"

Safe haven?

No mention, of course, of that fascinating, declassified 2012 US Defence Intelligence Report,* and its "supporting powers to the [Syrian] opposition," who wanted to establish a "Salafist principality" in eastern Syria...

Namely, according to the same document, "THE WEST, the Gulf countries and Turkey."

Which means us!

Deal with it, Princess!

"Small steps towards peace in Syria have been made recently, through negotiations in Vienna. These talks included Iran, a key if disagreeable player in the Syrian conflict, for the first time."

Disagreeable... because USsrael doesn't like them. We know who to take our cues from, don't we, Princess?

"On the other hand, there are also some concerns with the Vienna agreements: there were no Syrians present and no agreement on the future of Bashar al-Assad. It is perplexing that Australia was not invited to these negotiations... We have ideas and we deserve a seat at that table."

So we have a God-given right to pronounce on the future of Asad, do we? We have be at the table to tut tut, swivel our eyes and prate inanely on the subject of his disagreeability? That's our job, is it?

Thank God we haven't been invited.

Neither you nor your opposite number have any idea about anything of substance, Princess, and we, USrael's lackey in the South Pacific (along with Micronesia, the Marshalls, Nauru and Palau), deserve nothing. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

Get over it! 

[*See my 26/5/15 post Frankenstein Monster Mark III.]


Anonymous said...

The breathtaking display of ignorance and hypocrisy is entirely studied ignorance and hypocrisy. Tanya and her ilk think it is a sensible career enhancing decision. It is an ugly race to the bottom of the dung heap with her political opponents, competing with each other to flaunt their crackpot Zionist credentials. Therefore the facts are irrelevant.

Could this inner sickness of deception and self-deception be the product of the so called 'Judaeo-Christian' culture?

Perhaps we should revert to describing ourselves as a 'Greco-Roman' culture. It sounds healthier.

James O'Neill said...

I recently published two articles in New Matilda (November and December 2015) on the illegality of Australia's involvement in Syria. The day the first article was published our esteemed Foreign Minister appeared on ABC Radio in what was clearly a response to my article. Unfortunately for her, the Iraqi PM undercut her argument about being "invited" to join Iraq under the collective self defence p;provisions of Art. 51 of the UN Charter. That was the subject of my follow up article last week.
Naturally enough, the msm did not bother to actually investigate the government's claims or point out the obvious illegalities, contradictions and absurdities in its argument.
So I am completely unsurprised that Bishop's clone on the "opposition" benches repeats the same tired mantras that have no basis in international law.

MERC said...

Thanks, James. I read your excellent piece at NM. Lost, of course, on Lib/Lab & The Greens. What useless creatures most of them are.